What’s New in 2021 DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant Season Player Cards and What’s Coming In 2022 and Beyond? | Ohtani update

Here’s what’s new for the 2021 season player card release:

A full 162 game season! While the 2020 season was certainly unique, everyone I have talked with is very excited to be back to having a full 162 game season and fewer small sample sizes in the 2021 season player cards.

Largest player card roster size: The 2021 season player card set has 567 Batters and 567 Pitchers the largest set every produced totaling 1,134 players. You can download a csv file of both the Batters and Pitchers 2021 season rosters at the Facebook Group or Board Game Geek file sections.

Deep Drive Ball Park chart “Robbed?” result expanded: “B” Range players now have the same chance of robbing a HR as a “B+” Range player (“0” single die roll). Previously “B” range players had zero chance of robbing a HR. The new 2021 season ball park charts now include “B” range players in the “robbed?” key results on the last page of the ball park charts.

JAM+ Returns: “Super Tough” JAM+ situation ratings that debuted with Pursue the Pennant return after being shelved in 2020 season because of small sample sizes. Yes, Max Scherzer is “Super Tough”! You can read more about “Super Tough” JAM + on page 6 of the most recent 2020 Edition Official Rulebook.

Durability “F” Major Returns: The 60 day IL returned in 2021 and so did Durability “F” Major ratings.

Statcast data weighs more heavily: Statcast data continues to weigh in more heavily in terms of player ratings since the debut of infield range OAA metrics. In terms of range ratings, Statcast seems to be more reliable and is given a much higher weighting than Fielding Bible +/-.

If you missed or forgot the changes in 2020, you can review the changes at the 2020 Season Player Card post.

NEW! iPad and iPhone iOS App v1.29 now available at Test Flight App and Android at Google Play
v1.29 includes the new 2021 season player cards and new game rules.

Ohtani update
The Online version for Windows and Mac and the new v1.29 App for iOS and Android have a new update for Ohtani that includes a new “Remove DH” button. The “Remove DH” button allows you to pitch Ohtani in a AL home park and allow him to bat as a pitcher in any spot in the lineup. In addition, Ohtani is able to play rf by moving from pitcher to rf. In the playoffs, Ohtani can start in rf.

Ohtani NOTE For Commissioners: When you use the Commissioner Edit Roster tool, ONLY the Ohtani Pitcher player card should be placed on the roster in order for Ohtani to work correctly (it will use the Ohtani batter player card even though the batter card is not on the roster).

What’s coming in 2022? | Winter Meetings for DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant
MLB was scheduled to have their Winter Meetings in Orlando, but developer Jamie Hall and I met instead in Orlando for our own Winter Meetings to plan what’s coming in 2022. First a quick story. Jamie’s mom is a teacher and growing up his mom would take him with her while she was teaching and Jamie would entertain himself by playing a baseball board game with his favorite Detroit Tigers while he waited for his mom to finish teaching. We both laughed because we remember tracking our stats on loose leaf paper and actually wearing holes in the paper from erasing every time there were stats to update.

PAST SEASONS: 1968 season is on deck! The 1968 season will be released in the first half of 2022 followed by re-issues of both the 1971 and 1972 seasons. That will complete a consecutive run of seasons from 1967-1975 for both the Board and Online versions. The plan is then to continue to release the next consecutive season 1976.

NEW GM FEATURES FOR ONLINE VERSION: The focus will be on adding new GM features for Private Draft Leagues to make running a league even easier for Commissioners. A new “Roster/Contract/Salary” feature will track and migrate your rosters and contracts/salaries to the next season. A new “Trade” feature will allow league members to make trade offers and have trades automatically updated on rosters without the Commissioner having to finalize the trade using the Edit Roster Commissioner tool to mover players from team to team.

The bigger long term project beyond 2022 will be a draft room that will allow for easier creation of draft lists and immediate placement of drafted players on rosters circumventing the Commissioner Edit Roster tool. The Roster/Contract/Salary and Trade features are planned first followed by the draft room. The SNBL has been using Fantrax the past few years for our live draft and it has worked well, but we’d like to continue to make things easier for Commissioners to run Private Draft Leagues. No ETA at this time, but these are the high priority features moving ahead.

Order your 2021 season player card set at the Ticket Window today!

Play on Apple Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone on iOS and Android with the new DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant Online version!


NEW! Preview of the 2020 DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant Season Player Cards

DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant is available in the original board version format as well as the new online format for Apple Mac, Windows, iOS and Android OS.

The most similar seasons to the 2020 season are the 1981 and 1994 seasons. In 1981, teams played anywhere from 103 to 110 games. It created quite a few memorable player cards such as Andre Dawson 1981 great offensive production (.918 OPS) coupled with stellar defense (A+/65/-2) and speed BR (9), Steal (8/4/1). Then there is Tony Gywnn’s 1994 player card that flirted with .400 (.394). 2020 promises more of the same small sample size theatre.

Here’s whats new for the 2020 season player card release:

The end of Use: (Minor League callup %)
September 40 man roster expansion ended in 2019 so the Use % rule which was designed for September call-ups is no longer needed. Players will no longer have Use % ratings going forward.

No Durability F/Major rated players
MLB replaced the 60 Day IL with the 45 Day IL in 2020. The 45 Day IL doesn’t match with the F/Major Injury chart so there will not be any F/Major injury ratings assigned on the 2020 season player cards.

New expired Use AB rule
Use AB players will be able to continue playing vs. LH or RH once they have reached their AB limit. However, once they have reached their AB limit the player will be assigned Pitcher Batting Card #5 along with a two grade reduction of his Power rating. This will simplify the Use AB rule and allow players like backup catchers to play even though they have Use AB limitations.

Revised Use 10 AB rule for starting
Use: (Utility AB vs. LH, AB vs. RH) Indicates player wasn’t a full-time player and was used in a utility or platoon role. A player with a utility “Use” rating can only be used for the number of AB listed. For example, a player with utility (vs. LH 55, vs. RH 114) can be used for 55 AB vs. LH pitchers and 114 AB vs. RH pitchers.

In order for a hitter with a utility “Use” rating to start he must have at least 10 AB vs. the type of pitcher (LH or RH) starting against.

In order for a hitter with a utility “Use” rating to pinch hit he must have at least 20 AB vs. the type of pitcher (LH or RH) starting against.

Overworked Pitchers REM IP calculation
If you have played with the 1994 season, you may have realized the Overworked Pitchers REM IP are already being prorated based on a shorter season. Here is the calculation formula: REM IP = IP x (Your season length)/60 x 1.5

Abundance of Rookie player cards
Because so many players are being used during the 2020 season there will be an abundance of Rookie player cards highlighted by top rookies Luis Robert, Casey Mize, Kyle Lewis, Jake Cronenworth, James Karinchak, Dylan Carlson and Devin Williams.

How to handle contracts for players opting out of 2020 season
If your league is using the Official League rules, players who are still under contract may be released without a buyout if they opted out of the 2020 season. You also may choose to keep that player under contract if you wish instead of releasing him into free agency.

Texas new Globe Life Field and Sahlen Field in Buffalo
Globe Life Field and Sahlen Field will be included in the 2020 season ball park charts along with updates to Oracle Park and Marlins Park dimensions.

The new ball park update differentiates between “turf” (from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s) and “fieldturf” (the new stuff used this century). The old turf will use the turf values on the charts as before. FieldTurf will be viewed as “grass” for the purposes of the results charts, since it plays mostly like grass and doesn’t play excessively fast like the old AstroTurf did. Ball Parks affected by this will be:
Tropicana: Went to FieldTurf in 2000.
Rogers Centre/Syydome Went to FieldTurf in 2005
Chase Field: Went to FieldTurf in 2019
Marlins Park: Went to FieldTurf in 2020
Global Life Park: FieldTurf is new in 2020

New MLB rules
New three batters faced for pitchers MLB rule is now an option for Private Draft Leagues and the default for 2020 Season Replay Leagues.

New 26 man Rosters and 28 man September Rosters are now an option for Private Draft Leagues and the default for Season Replay Leagues.

New iPad and iPhone iOS App v1.16 now available at Test Flight App as well as Android at Google Play
v1.16 includes the new 2020 season player cards and new game rules.

Order your 2020 season player card set at the Ticket Window today!

Play on Apple Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone on iOS and Android with the new DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant Online version!

Who is in Blue Jays Broadcaster Mike Wilner’s celebrity Isolation League and what hidden multi-season team league format are they using?

“Hey everybody! I started a baseball simulation league with some of your favourite (I hope) baseball reporters, SN personalities and stars of stage and screen! We’re using some of the greatest teams ever that didn’t win the World Series!”


Mike Wilner (centre) in Blue Jays broadcast booth interviewing Mike Cieslinski 

Isolation League site:

Isolation League members:
Mike Wilner Blue Jays Broadcaster Sportsnet Canada, 1985 St. Louis

Ennis Esmer Actor, 2001 Oakland  https://blindspot.fandom.com/wiki/Ennis_Esmer

Thomas Moffett Musician, 2001 Seattle  https://www.instagram.com/tommoffett/?hl=en

Jason Rozon Sportsnet 590, 2001 New York (A)   https://twitter.com/rozon590?lang=en

Michael Ferrin MLB Network Sirius XM/Diamondbacks Broadcaster, 2002 Arizona https://www.siriusxm.ca/hosts/mike-ferrin/

Josh Goldberg Sportsnet 590, 2004 St. Louis https://twitter.com/jgoldberg12?lang=en

Joe Siddall Blue Jays Broadcaster Sportsnet, 2006 Detroit https://www.mlb.com/bluejays/team/broadcasters

Eric Smith Raptors Broadcaster Sportsnet, 2010 Philadelphia https://twitter.com/eric__smith?lang=en

Kaitlyn McGrath The Athletic,  2015 Toronto  https://theathletic.com/author/kaitlyn-mcgrath/

Scott MacArthur Sportsnet, 2015 Chicago https://twitter.com/ScottyMacThinks

Paloma Nunez Actress Comedian, 2016 Toronto https://www.palomanunez.com/

Ryan Bondy Broadway Actor, 2017 Los Angeles (N) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Timj-4A48

Sarah Langs MLB.com  2018 Los Angeles (N) https://twitter.com/SlangsOnSports

Pat Smith Writer/Producer, 2019 Los Angeles (N) https://twitter.com/thepatsmith

Ann Pornel Comedian, 2019 New York (A) http://annpornel.com/

Sandy Jobin-Bevans Comedic and Dramatic Actor, 1962 San Francisco

Nate Corddry Actor, 1982 Milwaukee https://mindhunter.fandom.com/wiki/Nate_Corddry

Ken Davidoff Columnist New York Post, 1984 Chicago (N)  https://twitter.com/KenDavidoff

Paul Lee Filmaker, 1986 Boston https://www.cfmdc.org/filmmaker/1189

Shi Davidi Columnist Sportsnet, 1988 Oakland https://twitter.com/ShiDavidi

Aaron Abrams Actor/Producer, 1994 Montreal https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1378320/

Scott Carson Sportsnet, 1996 Atlanta https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1378320/

Mike Shaw 1996 Cleveland

Arden Zwelling Sportsnet, 1997 Atlanta https://twitter.com/ArdenZwelling

Nick Dika FanGraphs/Musician, 1997 Seattle  https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/author/nickdika/

Alyson Footer MLB.com, 1998 Houston https://twitter.com/alysonfooter

Dan Shulman Blue Jays Broadcaster Sportsnet/ESPN, 1998 Atlanta  https://www.mlb.com/bluejays/team/broadcasters

Ben Wagner Blue Jays Broadcaster Sportsnet, 1998 Chicago (N)  https://www.mlb.com/bluejays/team/broadcasters

“We wanted to do something to keep some sort of baseball going during the lockdowns, and you can follow along at the Isolation League site here: https://dynastyleaguebaseball.com/Standings.aspx?OrgID=117737…

Again, we’ve picked some of the all-time best teams that never won the World Series. Talk to us about it with:” #IsolationBaseball

Isolation League Hidden Play Format
If you are a veteran player of DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant, you might be wondering how was Mike Wilner able to create a private league with teams from multiple seasons?  The answer is a backdoor way that was brought to my attention by Peter Ingemi the Commissioner of several Private Leagues.

I don’t recommend trying to set up your own Private League with this multi-season team selection format unless you are an experienced Commissioner.  Keep in mind this format is not supported at this time, but is a future project.

So here is the hidden backdoor access:

1) Click on Leagues and select Create Private Draft League button.  The season you select should be the default 2019 season (we have not tested this with any other season).

2) After completing the league set-up, save and advance to the Commissioner Page.  In the bottom right you will see the green header ADD COMPUTER TEAM. Click Add Computer Team button.

Add Computer Team

3) Click the Add Computer Team button (you can add a friend to take over the team later).  You can now use the Year and Team pull down buttons to select ANY team from ANY season in entire DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant season library.

This allows you to create a Private League consisting of teams from different seasons. Now here comes the WARNING after selecting a team and BEFORE clicking the OK button. The WARNING is that you MUST click the Auto-fill check box for EVERY team you select for your league. FAILURE to do so will create an empty roster for the team you forgot to click the Auto-fill check box and you will have to DELETE your league start all over creating a new league. Mike Wilner learned the hard way on his first attempt creating the Isolation League.

4) After adding all your teams and then building your schedule and finalizing your schedule you will have created your League Page which gives you access as Commissioner to each Team Page. Your last step is to click on the Team Settings button for each team and add a year prefix to the Team Name field so that you can identify different Boston teams from different seasons for example.

NOTE: This hidden access even though created in the Private Draft League Play Mode is NOT designed for Draft Leagues.  Again, this is a future project for multi-season players in a Draft League format and it NOT supported at this time.

Twitter accounts of the Isolation League members:
from the baseball world, and #Raptors voice

From the comedy/acting world we have starts like

as well as musicians

NEW! DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant Official Rulebook 2020v3 tweaks

The new 2020v3 Official Rulebook has just been released and can be downloaded in PDF format at the DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant site or in the Facebook Group file section. The new sections are highlighted with my capsule comments below:


NEW! Super Tough JAM + rating
JAM+ pitchers have additional situation ability in that
they use the RR grey situation STRIKEOUTS results
instead of blue normal situation 1B and 2B results on
those two result lines in jam situations.

MC: Bringing back the Pursue the Pennant Super Tough JAM rating.
Future project is to rate published past seasons for JAM + ratings.


NEW! Batter HOME RUN result indexed by
Pitcher HR per 9 IP for Pitchers with ZERO Deep
Drive? result # vs. that Left/Right side
Batter card HOME RUN result on line #9 AND Pitcher
with ZERO Deep Drive? # vs. that Left/Right side:
Roll one die… if number >= (HR per 9 IP) x 10 = Deep
EXAMPLES: If pitcher has 0.1 HR per 9 IP, dice roll of
#1-9 is Deep Drive? result (#0 HOME RUN result).
If pitcher has 0.4 HR per 9 IP, dice roll of # 4-9 is Deep
Drive? result (#0-3 HOME RUN result).

MC: Low HR/9 pitchers are better replicated especially pitchers with low sample size IP.

NEW! Clutch: Red
Occurs whenever tying or go-ahead run is on base or
at bat from 8th inning on, or at anytime when there
are runners in scoring position with two outs.

MC: Game balancing reversion to original 8th inning Pursue the Pennant rule.


NEW! Jam: Orange
Occurs whenever tying or go ahead run is on base or
at bat from 8th inning on, or at anytime when there
are runners in scoring position with two outs.

MC: Game balancing reversion to original 8th inning Pursue the Pennant rule.

Tired Situation result injury check: If you roll 514-540
and pitcher is tired, use yellow situation walk result
and check for injury to pitcher.

NEW! NOTE: Pitcher with NO STUFF Tired Situation result
injury check for rolls of #514-540 goes into effect
when pitcher reaches 0 Endurance.

MC: The reason why there is a potential injury with NO STUFF is that often that is a signal that the pitchers mechanics are out of sync and anytime mechanics are out of sync you are more injury prone. The change to 0 Endurance before Tired Situation result injury check goes into effect, is to prevent Managers from getting “ambushed” by a quick offensive explosion vs. the starting pitcher and not being able to get a pitcher warmed up soon enough to get him out of the game before he is injured.

Pitcher Batting
NEW! Pitchers must have at least 45 AB to be used as
a pinch hitter. When facing a pitcher batting, who
has less than 45 ABs, pitcher on mound uses the JAM
situation in all situations even if the pitcher on the
mound does not have a JAM situation rating.

MC: With starting pitchers pitching fewer IP and therefore getting fewer AB, wanted to open up the opportunity for good hitting pitchers like Silver Slugger Adam Wainwright and Michael Lorenzen to pinch hit who might fall short of AB cut-off.

REMOVED: CONTROL chart injury check: Check for injury to
pitcher if pitching with Low ‘reduced” Endurance
(Starters on 3 days rest or Relievers pitching in 2nd or
3rd consecutive day of work).

MC: The CONTROL chart injury check was put in before the new OVERWORKED rule and is no longer needed to regulate IP because the OVERWORKED rule caps IP.  Also with the new Season Replay play mode, wanted to give past season teams with smaller pitching staffs more flexibility.

What’s new for DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant in 2020?

Jamie and I have been burning the midnight oil to bring you new features and play modes for DYNASTY League Baseball Online Powered By Pursue the Pennant. We know you are going to love it!

NEW! Play in Apple Mac and Windows OS in all modern browsers
In late January of 2020, the new Unity client was released replacing Silverlight allowing you to play in a brand new updated interface for Apple Mac OS in Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers in addition to Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium in Windows OS.  You can also play in Chromebook in Android OS.


NEW! League Play Mode options

Greatest Teams Leagues (button)
Choose your favorite Greatest Team and Pursue the Pennant in a multi-player 162 game season 12 team public league. Invite your friends and/or meet new friends in AL or NL.

Season Replay League (button)
Choose your favorite season and team and Pursue the Pennant with actual MLB schedules, opening day rosters and transactions. Play solitaire or invite friends to be in your replay league with you.

Create Private Draft League (button)
Build your DYNASTY! Commissioner Tools allow you to create your multi-player private draft league to set up league, edit rosters and build your schedule. Leagues migrate to the next season player cards automatically.


USA TODAY Fantasy Sports Editor Steve Gardner interviewed me for feature stories in USA TODAY and Sports Weekly:

Pursue the Pennant with us on 35th Anniversary Busch Stadium Tour/Tournament September 13-15.

We are celebrating 35 years of DYNASTY League Baseball and Pursue the Pennant September 13-15 with two important Pennant Race games between the Brewers and Cardinals at Busch Stadium!


On our last Busch Stadium Tour/Tournament in 2014, we received VIP treatment with Batting Practice Field Passes and a guided tour of the Cardinals press box from Cardinals Director of Communications Brian Bartow where we were introduced to the media. We are hoping for the same access this year.

On Friday morning, September 13 we depart from Chicago (connections from Milwaukee) on Amtrak’s Lincoln service arriving in St. Louis for the game that night vs. Milwaukee Brewers.

On Saturday morning, we will continue our Tournament from our Marriott Renaissance hotel and then visit the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame in Ball Park Village across from Busch Stadium.  Later that night we will be going to the Brewers at Cardinals game.

Sunday morning our tournament finishes up on the long distance Amtrak Texas Eagle train as we head to Chicago Union Station.


We have had several Busch Stadium Tour/Tournaments and they have all been tremendous fun.  Hope to see you there!

For reservations call 561-494-2711 or email orders@designdepot.com

Reservations include:
– round trip rail fare from Chicago to St. Louis
– two nights hotel
– two tickets to Brewers at Cardinals games

Double occupancy $377
Triple occupancy $336
Single occupancy $499

Deadline for reservations is Wednesday, July 31.  Space is limited so make your reservation early.

– Mike

What’s new for 2018 season player cards, ball park charts and 2019 DYNASTY League Baseball new features.

All MLB teams have season IP cap ranges that they use for two reasons:

1) injury prevention
2) decreased performance

Stephen Strasburg’s shutdown in 2012 is the most memorable example. The other reason for the new “Overworked” status is to more realistically replicate volume vs. rate performance.  If two pitchers have the same ERA and one pitcher pitches 225 IP and the other pitches 150 IP the pitcher pitching 225 IP is more valuable.

Pitchers will be able to pitch up to x1.5 their actual MLB IP.

If a pitcher starts a game over the IP limit, they will be designated
as “Overworked” that will be indicated by some color on the roster.

Overworked pitchers will be degraded by having them always be “tired” and use the tired situation results, which removes all situation modifiers (on, off, jam) and includes
the UMPIRE chart result extra chances of injury from the injury chart.  In addition, “Overworked” pitchers will have their Durability rating reduced by two grades (i.e. a pitcher with “B” Durability will be downgraded to “D” Durability).

NEW! 10 Day DL
Past seasons that included the 15 Day DL will have that option.  Current seasons will have the new 10 Day DL exclusively.

NEW! Bringing reliever into the game not warmed up injury risk
If you bring a reliever into a game who is not warmed up,”tired” situation status will include UMPIRE result injury check up until the pitcher is warmed up properly.

NEW! The Opener
The rule preventing removal of a pitcher prior to 4 IP with 0 ER will be reduced to 1 IP with 0 ER.  Short relievers will need to have a GS to be an opener and will be restricted by SPOT ratings as well if they had <10 GS.  You will see openers marked in the Endurance rating with “Short/7” and also SPOT start rating.

MillerParkOutside2NEW! 2018 season player card set size and release date
Once again the new season player card set will be 1,080 player cards averaging 36 players per team. First pre-orders for 2018 season player card sets will begin shipping in late November and continue with all pre-orders shipped before Christmas.  You can place your order now at the Ticket Window.

2018 season player card set will be available for DYNASTY League Baseball Online in early to mid December.

NEW! 2018 season World Series pre-play
This is the 10th season that you will be able to pre-play the World Series with the Board version player cards and with DYNASTY League Baseball Online.  Last year Blue Jays radio broadcaster Mike Wilner pre-played the 2017 World Series and EACH game had the winner correct as well as Springer as MVP.

You can follow some of the more interesting 2018 season player ratings that I come across and tweet by following @PursuePennant and @MikeCieslinski on Twitter.

Shohei Ohtani
Plans are to include separate 2018 season  hitting and pitching player cards for Shohei Ohtani.  Not 100% sure yet that separate player cards can be built until the 2018 player card database is built.  If for some reason it turns out separate player cards can’t be built, Ohtani would have a pitcher player card and pitcher batting card # and power rating assignments.

NEW! 2018 Ball Park charts
Angel Stadium will reflect a new lower wall height in right field.

DYNASTY League Baseball Online Windows and Mac OS browsers and Silverlight

Original Color Brochure for DYNASTY League Baseball simulation for Apple Mac, Windows and Board versions Now Available

DYNASTY League Baseball is the leader in realism for Baseball simulations and available in the landmark Board version as well as the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version for Apple Mac and Windows.  DYNASTY League Baseball Online allows you to play both solitaire and in multi-player tournaments and leagues.


The original color brochure is out of print, but a digital PDF version is now available for the first time that gives you an IN-DEPTH look at:



CLOSER LOOK at the simulations features and player ratings


The original color brochure digital version PDF can be viewed and downloaded in the right column under the IN-DEPTH heading at the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online site

Target Field Express Tour/Tournament May 18-20 30th Anniversary


In July of 1988, the very first Pursue the Pennant Tour Tournament took place as the Metrodome Express rolled out of Milwaukee’s Amtrak station.  Thirty years later we return to Minneapolis on the Target Field Express!

If you have never been on one of the Tour/Tournaments you are missing out.  We have made new lifetime friends that have gone on to join leagues with us or participate in other Tour Tournaments together.  Of course, I will be there to lead our Tour and organize the Tournament.


The Greatest Team tourney will be held on the Empire Builder observation car, Minneapolis beautifully restored Union Station and Marriott City Center hotel (Brewers have used this as their official hotel in the past so you may end up riding the hotel elevator with Ryan Braun and Lorenzo Cain) just a few blocks from Target Field.

We hope to have several of the original 1988 group on this Tour Tournament and a huge turn out that will include DYNASTY League Baseball fans in Minnesota that can attend the game with us.


We also hope to have Twins 2017 Manager of the Year and Brewers Hall of Famer Paul Molitor meet our group before the game and get a group photo with “The Ignitor”.  Back in 1988, Brewers and now Cubs Broadcaster Pat Hughes greeted our group.  Paul Molitor helped start Pursue the Pennant when he appeared in a feature story on the cover of the Milwaukee Business Journal playing the prototype for Pursue the Pennant and DYNASTY League Baseball on the dugout of Milwaukee County Stadium.

Friday, May 18
Dp Chi, IL Union Station 2:15
Dp Milwaukee, WI Amtrak station  3:52 PM   Empire Builder
Note: If you are coming from Chicago, IL you can connect on our same Empire Builder train at 2:15P
Ar Minneapolis, MN Union station 10:03 PM

Saturday, May 19
Tour of Target Field
Brewers at Twins Target Field  6:10 P

Sunday, May 20
Dp Minneapolis, MN Union station 8:00 AM
Ar Milwaukee, WI Amtrak station 2:07 PM
Ar Chi, IL Union Station 3:55 PM

Can’t wait to meet and see you all there!

Mike Cieslinski

Round trip fare on Empire Builder
Ticket to Brewers at Twins game May 19
Target Field tour
Marriott City Center Hotel

Double: $367
Single: $494
Triple: $325

Minnesota fans: Ticket to game and tour only $60

Call 561-494-2711
or email: orders@designdepot.com to make reservations.

Space is limited: Deadline for reservations is Monday, February 26

What are GM and Manager strategy implications of new DYNASTY League Baseball rule and chart changes?

The new 2016 Official Rulebook and 8th Edition game charts changes are now up and live at DYNASTY League Baseball Online!  So what are the GM and Manager strategy implications for your team?

New updated and revised 8th Edition INJURY chart can be viewed in the file section of the DYNASTY League Baseball Facebook Group. Note that the Pursue the Pennant descriptive ratings have been added so the Durability ratings display as A/Iron, B/Normal, C/Minor, D/Frequent and F/Major.

Durability A results remain unchanged.

Durability B results are revised to reflect an increase in 7 day DL results and a reduction of maximum injury length from 10 to 7 days.

Durability C, D and F have more results for the new MLB 10 day DL and fewer results for 15 day injuries.

Durability F now has #40-74 resulting in 60 day DL injury – a significant increase over the previous #60-74 and helping to replicate the 60 day DL injury that all Durability F ratings are based on.

MC: If you have any front line “F” Durability players at any position on your roster have a backup in your system for that player(s) that is at least above replacement value.  Plan on any F”” Durability player going down for 60 days or longer at some point during the season when building your depth chart.  You may beat the odds and escape injury during the season, but those odds are not in your favor.  Iron man “A” Durability players just got more valuable – especially in Greatest Team public leagues where there are quite a few more “A” Durability pitchers that can still pitch on 3 days rest without the increased injury risk.

Starting with the 7th BFP in any inning, reduce pitchers Endurance rating by (-5).
MC: You are going to have to watch your Pitcher Endurance rating more carefully.  You will still have time to get a pitcher up in the bullpen because even if your pitcher hits 0 Endurance because of a high stress inning, Pitcher Endurance can never be negative and the pitcher still needs to allow two additional baserunners to become tired.

(P. 8) Umpire? “Tired Situation” result and “No Stuff” injury check: If you roll 514-540 and the pitcher is “tired”, use the yellow situation walk result and then check for injury to pitcher.
MC: There is a new sheriff in town. If you have been responsible in managing your pitching staff you won’t see any new repercussions, but if you have been abusing your pitching staff take WARNING: You are creating increased injury risk for your pitcher by leaving him in a game tired or with no stuff.  Pitchers with No Stuff was added to this new injury check because pitchers with no stuff usually have a mechanical issue or dead arm that is causing a pitcher to have No Stuff.  If you abuse your pitcher or don’t watch his mechanics carefully you may injure him.  You have been warned.

The new 514-540 pitcher player card result line now looks like this:

514-540  Umpire?  WALK (Injury?)  strikeout

CONTROL chart injury check: Check for injury to pitcher if pitching with Low ‘reduced” Endurance (Starters on 3 days rest or Relievers pitching in 2nd or 3rd consecutive day of work).
MC: “Super relief ace firemen” like Mike Marshall (1974) and Willie Hernandez (1984) and durable starters like like Greg Maddux (1993), Nolan Ryan (1974) and Wilbur Wood (1972)  will still be able to pitch a high number of innings thanks to their “A” Durability rating.  Modern day “closers” and starting pitchers are going to  be forced into pitching close to the number of innings they actually pitched unless you want to risk injury to your pitcher. This means a five man starting pitching rotation for modern era pitching staffs.  It also means shorter relief stints on the back end of back to back and back to back to back appearances by relievers.


(P. 9) Required Pitcher Rest:

Note: Short and Long relief pitcher’s Endurance rating is reduced to 4 if pitching in 2nd consecutive day and reduced to 1 on 3rd consecutive day of work.
MC: If you plan on having your relief pitcher make a third consecutive appearance it will likely have to be 1 IP or less unless you want to pitch your pitcher tired which means greater injury risk.  Modern day pitching staffs are going to require a deeper staff of  12 or 13 pitchers on your roster.

(P. 7) H&R with 2 out: You can’t put H&R play on with two out.
Limit on H&R: The hit and run play can be put on whenever a runner is on 1st, but only one time per AB.
MC: You are only getting one shot at the H&R during an AB now so keep that in mind in terms of advancing runners and your use of other tactics including, taking the extra base, stealing and yes bunting (does Brian Kenny read this blog?)

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