Ball Park tips for the Windows version via the 1972 World Series

I’ve been playing the 1972 World Series recently and to jog your memory it is regarded as one of the tightest World Series of All-Time with six of the seven games being decided by one run.

You can read more about 1972 World Series in the Sports Illustrated Mustaches All the Way story by William Leggett.

To get started with the Windows version though you may need to update your ball park file at the DYNASTY Download if you have not already.  To check if you already have the updated ball park file go to pre-game setup and click on the ball park button shown below:

Pregamesetup.JPGNext, you’ll be able to view all of the ball park effects by selecting the radio button on the left for All Seasons shown below:

BallParkratings.JPGScroll down to Oakland and you should see a year range from 1970 to 1995.  If you don’t see that year range for Oakland Alameda you will want to update your ball park chart.dyn file at the DYNASTY Download.

You should always select the correct year of the game you are playing in pre-game setup because the game uses that to determine which ball park effects and ball park image to use in the game you are playing.  

If you encounter a ball park image for the wrong home team it may be that the year for that ball park is not available yet as part of the ball park effects.  This may happen with some of the past season sets for certain parks. The remedy is to select the next closest year in pre-game setup that is available by looking at the year ranges of that park.

After you have completed pre-game setup and clicked Play Ball you should see the ball park image display.  If not, you need to complete step 3 found in your v2.2 install insert.

And finally a BIG CAUTION about never using the Groundskeeper menu option to view Stadium pictures.  It’s like kryptonite to the game so just stay away from that feature.  It was only included as a way to test the ball park images and should have been taken out in the final version of the game.  It will corrupt your game and you will get VACANT results in the lineup and all kinds of other funky errors.  Stay away from that menu option and you’ll be fine. If you have used that menu option and the game is coming up with strange errors like the VACANT error and skipping players in the lineup chances are you will need to delete and reinstall the game.



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