New Greatest Teams tournament teams for DYNASTY League Baseball Online

The updated list of 70 teams for DYNASTY League Baseball Online Greatest Teams tournaments is below:

You can read about the DYNASTY League Baseball Greatest Teams including the tournament at the Greatest Teams link

Note that the green teams are new and the orange teams are updated.  The 1970 Orioles replaced the 1969 Orioles and the 1973 A’s replaced the 1974 A’s.

The goal was to have at least one representative team from each franchise.

We’ll have more details in future posts of exactly how the Greatest Teams Online tournaments will work.

1924 WASH 92-62
1927 NY A 110-44
1929 CHI N 98-54
1929 PHIL A 104-46
1934 STL N 95-58
1934 DET 101-53
1939 NY A 106-45
1942 STL N 106-48
1946 BOS 104-50 
1954 CLE 111-43
1955 BRK 98-55
1957 NY A 98-56
1957 MIL N 95-59
1961 NY A 109-53
1962 SF 103-62
1965 LA 97-65
1967 STL 101-60
1968 DET 103-59
1969 NY N 100-62
1970 MIN 98-64

1970 BAL 108-541971 PIT 97-65

1973 OAK 94-681975 CIN 108-54
1975 BOS 95-65
1977 NYA 100-62
1977 KC 102-60
1977 LA 98-64
1977 PHIL 101-61
1979 PIT 98-64
1981 MON 60-48
1982 MIL A 95-67
1982 BAL 94-68
1982 CAL 93-69
1982 STL 92-70
1983 CHI A 99-63
1984 CHI N 96-65
1984 SD 92-70
1984 DET 104-58
1985 STL 101-61
1986 NY N 108-54
1986 HOU 96-66
1986 BOS 95-66
1988 OAK 104-58
1993 TOR 95-67
1993 PHIL 97-65
1994 MON 74-40
1996 CLE 99-62
1997 FL 92-70
1998 SD 98-64
1998 NY A 114-48
1999 ATL 103-59
1999 TEX 95-67
2000 NY N 94-68
2001 SEA 116-46
2001 AZ 92-70
2002 SF 95-66
2002 ANA 99-66
2004 BOS 98-64
2004 STL 105-57
2005 CHI A 99-63
2005 HOU 89-73
2006 DET 95-67
2006 MN 96-66
2007 COL 90-73
2008 TB 97-65
2008 PHIL 92-70
2009 NY A 103-59
2010 TEX 90-72
2010 SF 92-70 


  1. whiterat24

    You are right, the 1993 Giants and the 1993 Braves were both excellent teams. What a pennant race! The issue with the Giants is they didn’t make the playoffs and that is a minimum qualification criteria. Having said that, that 1993 Giants team could play with any team.

  2. Brad

    Dynasty cards are just too ‘messy’ looking. The cards from the 1986 season are when PTP was at it’s best and would probably still being going strong if they left the game alone. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke! That’s why PTP lost gamers and went belly up.

  3. Brad

    I’ve played PTP and have seen the DLB cards and stuff at the website. Your post said that the results were read right off the player cards. If so then you wouldn’t need charts.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      About 75% of the play results in DYNASTY League Baseball come right from the player card the rest refer you to an outside game chart just like PTP – it is the same game engine and design – just improved.

      • Brad

        I’d probably try the game in a heartbeat if you still made the ballpark walls. That’s one thing that really set PTP apart. Those walls really made you feel like you were playing your game your game at that particular teams home field. I love a game that gives realistic stats and has playability, (that’s a must!) but I’m also into atmosphere. PTP still has ‘atmosphere’, and pretty good stats and playability as well.

      • Mike Cieslinski

        Never say never, but those ball park walls belong to a different era in the popularity of Baseball board games. There just isn’t the retail distribution or demand for Baseball board games in 2014 as there was in 1985. As it is, the deep drive charts DO have a full color photo of the ball park with the HR # on the ball park photo much like the old cartoon style PTP walls, but instead of the abstract HR # the DYNASTY League Baseball walls have the actual distance in feet to the various parts of the park. It you really want the “atmosphere” then you should try the new Online version which has truly stunning wide angle high resolution ball park images that you play in that add far more atmosphere than the old PTP walls.
        You can try it for free at and you will have access to every season produced.

      • Brad

        Speaking of ball park walls…Did PTP ever produce walls for the old ball parks? I have a sheet of paper that has ball parks, (like Forbes Field for example) and all the info about them, just like in the old PTP instructions. There were minus results given in the old 1987 instructions, and some info about how that would be used for the new ‘old ball park’ walls that would be produced shortly. BTW, the only way I believe you can created ‘atmosphere’ is by playing a baseball board game and really getting involved with dice rolling, charts, player cards, and manual stat keeping. Yes, I’m old school. LOL!! I had DLBs computer sim years ago, but didn’t like it very much. How has it improved?

      • Mike Cieslinski

        The old ball parks for PTP just had the HR #’s on a piece of paper. The new DYNASTY League Ball Park charts have the ball park color photo for current and past ball parks. No comparison between the old discontinued Windows version and new Online version. It is free to try what are you waiting for? 🙂

      • Brad

        Atmosphere. I remember thinking that computer sports sims would be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they were for a few years. I couldn’t wait to get back to the board games. Closest thing to real sports in my opinion. There is just so much lost by not using player cards and rolling the dice. Even manual input of dice rolls and card images can’t top it. Since your the guy who invented PTP Mike, I’m sure you miss playing board baseball games yourself.

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