Greatest Teams Leagues debut with new scheduler

DYNASTY League Baseball Online allows you to join a 162 game Greatest Team league over a six month period.

Below: New “View Roster and Player card” feature allows you to view a teams roster and player cards before you join a league or tournament.

MolitorViewRoster82Mil.JPGThese 162 game season leagues play either a two or three game series twice a week over the six month period (22 weeks).

You will be able to select your favorite Greatest Team from a field of 83 different Greatest Teams from 1924 – Present and play in the matching ball park.

Mantle upper deck HR.JPGEach week you will be able to play your series live vs. your opponent. If you can’t make the scheduled date and time you can reschedule for a different date and time later in the week.  If your opponent has not shown up at game time and has not sent a reschedule request you have three options with the opponent missing dialog:

1) Postpone the game for 5 minutes to wait for him.

2) Reschedule the game for a different time and date.

3) Play the game vs. the computer manager.

The opponent missing dialog is shown below:

If you have not played your series by the time the next series is scheduled you can either play vs. the computer manager or the computer manager will manage both team for that series.


Everything runs like clock work with stats, standings and league leaders all
updated in real time and everyone keeping up at the same schedule pace.

Each league will have 12 teams divided into two AL and NL divisions with the division
winners playing in the World Series to determine the champion.

You can invite your friends to join you in the same league by using the new
invite a friend link in the left column of page once you have logged into

Current season continuous draft leagues will be available later this Spring
with an integrated live draft room.

You can be in both a Greatest Team league and current season continuous
draft league simultaneously if you wish.

The ease of playing in a DYNASTY League Baseball Online league is what makes it so compelling for busy people (which is most everyone) to be in a league.  What became evident this past year when we used DYNASTY League Baseball Online for the SNBL to test, is just how easy it was to play other people, be a league member and manage the league as Commissioner.

Gone is the task of configuring routers, IP addresses and third party software to play other people.  Now you log in and click the join button of your scheduled game and you end up at the new “outside the ball park image” and you are ready to play.

Gone is the task of Commissioners finding people to join a league and people finding leagues to join.  Now you click and join a league.

Gone is the task of creating a schedule.  Now it is done for you.

Gone is the task of installing and updating software upgrades and patches.  There is nothing to install with new game features being added on a weekly basis.  One kudo here for software architect Jamie Hall is just how few bugs there were even in the beta version.  If there are any bugs reported Jamie is able to fix most bugs within a few minutes and those fixes are instantly and automatically available to everyone playing DYNASTY League Baseball Online.

Gone is the task of each league member exporting and importing files to a Commissioner who then has to import those files every week and then resend new files out to league members.  This also happens with organization files every time there is a roster change.  That is now a totally obsolete way of running a league and part of what makes DYNASTY League Baseball Online so revolutionary as the first and only real time multi-player baseball simulation game.

With DYNASTY League Baseball Online all of that time consuming drudgery is gone and now stats, standings, leaders and box scores for every team are available for the entire league in real time without the league members or Commissioner having to do anything.  Everyone now can just focus on having fun playing the games quickly and easily.



  1. charles

    can you play a 162 game schedule vs the computer complete with standings and playoffs and stats? this is what i want to do. i played a series and loved it. am i missing something? i am on free trial now. i will subscribe if i can do this. thanks.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      The next new play format coming this Spring will be the current season continuous draft leagues with the new live draft room. After that, solitaire season replays will be available. All standings, playoffs and stats are tracked. Right now the new programmable computer manager profile is being completed along with the live draft room that will tracke your bids and budget. Currently you can choose to play “Series” with any teams in the DYNASTY League Baseball library, join a Greatest Team league or one of the daily Greatest Team bracket tournaments. Great to hear you love the game!

      • charles

        sounds great. can you put me on your e-mail list, so i can know when that product is available. thank you

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Season replay leagues just launched that play a 162 game schedule. Each person manages one of the teams in the league and the stats, standings and leaders are all updated in real time. DYNASTY League Baseball Online is the first and only baseball simulation with multi-player season replay leagues.

  2. Danny Foreman

    I am currently on the 2 day free trial, but I am LOVING every minute of it. However, I cannot find the price to purchase the game anywhere.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Great to hear you are enjoying DYNASTY League Baseball Online! At any point during the trial you can click on the My Account link in the upper right-hand corner and you will see the monthly ($14.95) and discounted six month ($11.65/mo) subscription options. When your trial expires it should send you to this page automatically.

  3. Bob Griffin

    Can I just play against the computer on a regular, or even a season, basis?

    Also, my virus protector shows up as “game disabled”. Do I need to change this and,if so, how.

    Finally, are there instructions before beginning the game?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Yes, you can play solitaire vs. the computer manager. DYNASTY League Baseball Online is a multi-player game with solitaire options. Currently you have access to the complete library of DYNASTY League Baseball seasons to play “Series” either solitaire or with a friend. Current season continous draft league are coming this Spring followed by solitaire season replay options.

      The Official Rulebook can by found at

      Not sure what you virus protector is doing or why it would disable the game. There is no reason for it to do that

  4. Chance Russo

    Mike, what if I want to replay an older season, like 1956 for example, and play the season with a friend online. Is this possible? How?

    • Mike Cieslinski

      At this point, you could just play individual series from 1957 (the only full season from the 50’s available) with your friend by going to Series and choosing play as friend. Your friend will need to be logged in at the same time you are. Once multi-player draft leagues launch the next play format will be solitaire season replays with options to play friends in the replay.

      • Chance Russo

        When do you estimate this will be a possibility? How many seasons have you redone? I realize this is a lot of work. I have done it myself.

      • Mike Cieslinski

        Not sure until Public draft leagues launch. If you go to Series you can see them all. There also is a listing at at the Product Lineup button.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Yes, you can click on Leagues and create a Private League and assign your friend to the team team he wants. When you create a Private League you choose if the team is managed by a friend or the computer manager.

  5. Joseph

    In regard to the League Championship Series, will all starting pitcher’s endurance be reset to completely rested after the final game of the regular season or will it be carried over from the last regular season series…..just want to know if I need to plan my rotation before the Championship Series begins. Thanks for a great game!! Really enjoy it!

  6. Joseph

    I’m interested in playing in a 162 game Greatest Team’s League but don’t see any available at this time. Will I have an opportunity to play in one or will only the 54 game leagues be offered at this time? Really had a lot of fun in my last 2 54 Leagues but want to try a full season. Thanks!!

  7. Howard Paley

    I purchased the new DynastyBaseball League Board version back in
    December of 2012. Would like for somebody to show me how to play this game, and read the results. Talked to Mike Cieslinski on Friday, and he said that it would be sent out next week, but no date was mentioned.

    Howard Paley, Pembroke Pines, Florida.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      The new season player card sets are shipped out on a first in first out basis starting with pre-orders in September. We try to avoid giving exact shipping dates because each week we can only estimate the different amounts of new print run batches that come in to fill orders. I’d recommend the new Online version if you want the game instantly and are having trouble learning the game. The Online version does all the player card and chart look-ups for you.

  8. Jim H. Baltimore, MD

    Back in the early 90’s I played Pursue the Pennant with my college friends. We are now trying to set up an online league of 10-15 teams. The idea of drafting individual players is too daunting for us. The time commitment involved in researching players, dealing with salary caps, looking for free agents, calling up minor leaguers, is not feasible for us this year.

    Can we set up a private league using the greatest teams, whereby each ‘owner’ simply selects a team? [Our preferred option.] Alternatively, are we able to set up a private league and just select a contemporary entire team roster? We have fans of the Dodgers, Phillies, Cubs, Orioles, Yankees, etc. and would like to just manage our hometown favorite rather than dealing with a draft. [Our second choice.]

    I really loved playing PTP. I am hopeful that one or both of these options is available so that Dynasty League can be the platform for our league.

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Hi Jim,

      Good hearing from you.

      Yes your entire league can easily be in the same public Greatest Team league and you each select one of the Greatest Teams. Currently the Tuesday night league has 11 open slots and the Thursday night 9 slots. I can create a new Greatest Team public league on any day and or time with the full 12 slots for your league just email on what you would like. Your league members would just have to click the join button and select their favorite team and everything is set up for you and ready to go. Right now the Greatest Team public leagues have a maximum of 12 teams playing a 54 game season.

      You can read what a Greatest Team league is like at the review:

      Alternatively you can also create a Private league and using the Commissioners Edit roster tool place the players on their actual team and each player would have the “stock” team. You could do this with any season from 1996 through the 2013 season. The final step would be to build your schedule.

  9. Aaron


    Is there a way to play a solitaire season or league vs a computer manager where I can choose the teams in the season/league?

    • Mike Cieslinski


      Solitaire season replays are coming soon where from the Commissioner’s tools you will be able to select either a computer manager or person to manage each of the other teams. Right now, the season replay leagues are all people.

  10. gary sweeney

    In the middle of the free trial and like what I see.My concern is you stated the draft rooms were slated for spring 2013,and here it is june 2014 and they are still not available that I see. Is this wrong? What is the status of private and public draft leagues as this is what I am most interested in?

    • Mike Cieslinski

      Private draft leagues are up and running and are very popular. If you click on the League link and then the Private League Directory you can find a listing of all leagues as well as a listing of leagues looking for new members.

      Public Greatest Team leagues run year round and also can be found at the Leagues link and are very easy to join.

      The new draft room has been delayed because Microsoft will be ending support for Silverlight so a new client has to be developed before the draft room is finished. Private Draft leagues have been drafting on their own usually with Skype or in person. Our draft went very well using Skype for a 16 team league.

    • Ronald Williams

      i agree this essential feature is long overdue. i understand there are technical problems but it needs to be resolved sooner (before other ‘to do’ items) rather than later.

      • Mike Cieslinski

        Deciding on a new client is not a simple technical problem it is far more encompassing, is a big decision, and has huge ramifications on cross platform and mobile issues. Right now there is not a good or clear choice for a new client to replace Silverlight.

  11. Howard Seaton

    If one just wanted to create their own league of past seasons, say 1950, and play that by themselves, is that possible?

  12. Richard V Gibbons

    I am getting an introduction to this game with my 2 day free trial but seem to be missing much information. I have a few questions. 1) How do I pinch hit for a pitcher ?
    2) Can I play the Great Teams solitaire as a tournament that will accumulate statistics for each team ?
    3) Can I play the 2019 season solitaire playing one team and allowing the computer to play all other games?
    4) Playing #3 solitaire can I fast forward games without playing all 9 innings of every game (IE playing the last 3 inings after the computer plays the first 6 innings ?)Will statistics be available for the league and my chosen team ?
    5) Where can I find information like this without bugging you every time I have a question ?

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