Private League Directory: Find a League to Join or Recruit New League Members

You don’t have to spend years trying to work yourself up the organizational ladder to the GM and Managerial seat – just visit the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online Private League Directory by logging in and clicking on the “Leagues” link and next the Private Draft League button.

Private League Directory:
If you would like to look  for a league to join you will see two tabs:

The first tab is “Leagues Looking For Players”.

The second tab is a listing of “All Private Leagues” which also displays the League Home Page for each league.

Private League Directory

Private League Directory

Each league listed has a “Status” (offseason, preseason or inseason) that is updated for each league automatically.

The “League Home Page”  for each league gives you a complete insight into the league.  At the bottom right of the League Home Page is the PAST SEASONS section, which show you the season history of the league.  If you click on one of the PAST SEASONS you can see the complete season, standings, stats and leaders for that season.

Commissioners Recruiting For New League Members – Allow Contact Commissioner Tool:
If you are a Commissioner looking to recruit new league members or acquire new friends for future league openings, you can now go into their Commissioner tools and “Allow Contact” to allow people to contact you about joining your league in the new “Leagues Looking For Players” tab.  When a Commissioner “Allows Contact” for people to join a league they automatically become friends so the Commissioner then has the option to invite them into the league.

Delete Friends Button:
One other new feature that was added was a “Delete” Friend button in addition to the “Block” Friend button.  The Delete button doesn’t permanently block the deleted friend and is a less harsh way to clean up your friends list than the Block button which prevents all future contact.

Edit League News Commissioner Tool:
Also new in the Commissioners tools is “Edit League News” that allows you to include information to both the public and your league members about the league.





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