The most realistic Baseball simulation for Mac and Windows

DYNASTY League Baseball Online is available for Mac OS in the Safari browser.  DYNASTY League Baseball Online allows you to join the only multi-player baseball simulation leagues that allow you to manage live vs. friends or computer manager and updates stats, standings and leaders in real time.  Operation Sports has a review and screen shots here.


Here is an update for Windows 10 and DYNASTY League Baseball Online in Internet Explorer:

Once you upgrade to Windows 10, you need to type “Internet Explorer” in the new Cortana “Ask me anything” box in the lower left on the task bar.

Next hit the Enter or Return button. That will bring up Internet Explorer. You will see the Internet Explorer icon in the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Next right click on the Internet Explorer icon and select “pin to task bar”. This will give you easy access to Internet Explorer to play DYNASTY League Baseball Online.


Target Field Night screen shot

Target Field Night screen shot


Microsoft’s new Edge browser will allow you to log into DYNASTY League Baseball Online and view your stats, standings and leaders as well as edit your computer manager settings, but because Edge blocks plug-ins including Microsoft Silverlight, you will not be able to use Edge to play a game or view rosters.

You can find a free trial of DYNASTY League Baseball Online here.


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