What’s new for 2018 season player cards, ball park charts and 2019 DYNASTY League Baseball new features.

All MLB teams have season IP cap ranges that they use for two reasons:

1) injury prevention
2) decreased performance

Stephen Strasburg’s shutdown in 2012 is the most memorable example. The other reason for the new “Overworked” status is to more realistically replicate volume vs. rate performance.  If two pitchers have the same ERA and one pitcher pitches 225 IP and the other pitches 150 IP the pitcher pitching 225 IP is more valuable.

Pitchers will be able to pitch up to x1.5 their actual MLB IP.

If a pitcher starts a game over the IP limit, they will be designated
as “Overworked” that will be indicated by some color on the roster.

Overworked pitchers will be degraded by having them always be “tired” and use the tired situation results, which removes all situation modifiers (on, off, jam) and includes
the UMPIRE chart result extra chances of injury from the injury chart.  In addition, “Overworked” pitchers will have their Durability rating reduced by two grades (i.e. a pitcher with “B” Durability will be downgraded to “D” Durability).

NEW! 10 Day DL
Past seasons that included the 15 Day DL will have that option.  Current seasons will have the new 10 Day DL exclusively.

NEW! Bringing reliever into the game not warmed up injury risk
If you bring a reliever into a game who is not warmed up,”tired” situation status will include UMPIRE result injury check up until the pitcher is warmed up properly.

NEW! The Opener
The rule preventing removal of a pitcher prior to 4 IP with 0 ER will be reduced to 1 IP with 0 ER.  Short relievers will need to have a GS to be an opener and will be restricted by SPOT ratings as well if they had <10 GS.  You will see openers marked in the Endurance rating with “Short/7” and also SPOT start rating.

MillerParkOutside2NEW! 2018 season player card set size and release date
Once again the new season player card set will be 1,080 player cards averaging 36 players per team. First pre-orders for 2018 season player card sets will begin shipping in late November and continue with all pre-orders shipped before Christmas.  You can place your order now at the Ticket Window.

2018 season player card set will be available for DYNASTY League Baseball Online in early to mid December.

NEW! 2018 season World Series pre-play
This is the 10th season that you will be able to pre-play the World Series with the Board version player cards and with DYNASTY League Baseball Online.  Last year Blue Jays radio broadcaster Mike Wilner pre-played the 2017 World Series and EACH game had the winner correct as well as Springer as MVP.

You can follow some of the more interesting 2018 season player ratings that I come across and tweet by following @PursuePennant and @MikeCieslinski on Twitter.

Shohei Ohtani
Plans are to include separate 2018 season  hitting and pitching player cards for Shohei Ohtani.  Not 100% sure yet that separate player cards can be built until the 2018 player card database is built.  If for some reason it turns out separate player cards can’t be built, Ohtani would have a pitcher player card and pitcher batting card # and power rating assignments.

NEW! 2018 Ball Park charts
Angel Stadium will reflect a new lower wall height in right field.

DYNASTY League Baseball Online Windows and Mac OS browsers and Silverlight

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