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What’s New in 2021 DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant Season Player Cards and What’s Coming In 2022 and Beyond? | Ohtani update

Here’s what’s new for the 2021 season player card release:

A full 162 game season! While the 2020 season was certainly unique, everyone I have talked with is very excited to be back to having a full 162 game season and fewer small sample sizes in the 2021 season player cards.

Largest player card roster size: The 2021 season player card set has 567 Batters and 567 Pitchers the largest set every produced totaling 1,134 players. You can download a csv file of both the Batters and Pitchers 2021 season rosters at the Facebook Group or Board Game Geek file sections.

Deep Drive Ball Park chart “Robbed?” result expanded: “B” Range players now have the same chance of robbing a HR as a “B+” Range player (“0” single die roll). Previously “B” range players had zero chance of robbing a HR. The new 2021 season ball park charts now include “B” range players in the “robbed?” key results on the last page of the ball park charts.

JAM+ Returns: “Super Tough” JAM+ situation ratings that debuted with Pursue the Pennant return after being shelved in 2020 season because of small sample sizes. Yes, Max Scherzer is “Super Tough”! You can read more about “Super Tough” JAM + on page 6 of the most recent 2020 Edition Official Rulebook.

Durability “F” Major Returns: The 60 day IL returned in 2021 and so did Durability “F” Major ratings.

Statcast data weighs more heavily: Statcast data continues to weigh in more heavily in terms of player ratings since the debut of infield range OAA metrics. In terms of range ratings, Statcast seems to be more reliable and is given a much higher weighting than Fielding Bible +/-.

If you missed or forgot the changes in 2020, you can review the changes at the 2020 Season Player Card post.

NEW! iPad and iPhone iOS App v1.29 now available at Test Flight App and Android at Google Play
v1.29 includes the new 2021 season player cards and new game rules.

Ohtani update
The Online version for Windows and Mac and the new v1.29 App for iOS and Android have a new update for Ohtani that includes a new “Remove DH” button. The “Remove DH” button allows you to pitch Ohtani in a AL home park and allow him to bat as a pitcher in any spot in the lineup. In addition, Ohtani is able to play rf by moving from pitcher to rf. In the playoffs, Ohtani can start in rf.

Ohtani NOTE For Commissioners: When you use the Commissioner Edit Roster tool, ONLY the Ohtani Pitcher player card should be placed on the roster in order for Ohtani to work correctly (it will use the Ohtani batter player card even though the batter card is not on the roster).

What’s coming in 2022? | Winter Meetings for DYNASTY League Baseball Powered by Pursue the Pennant
MLB was scheduled to have their Winter Meetings in Orlando, but developer Jamie Hall and I met instead in Orlando for our own Winter Meetings to plan what’s coming in 2022. First a quick story. Jamie’s mom is a teacher and growing up his mom would take him with her while she was teaching and Jamie would entertain himself by playing a baseball board game with his favorite Detroit Tigers while he waited for his mom to finish teaching. We both laughed because we remember tracking our stats on loose leaf paper and actually wearing holes in the paper from erasing every time there were stats to update.

PAST SEASONS: 1968 season is on deck! The 1968 season will be released in the first half of 2022 followed by re-issues of both the 1971 and 1972 seasons. That will complete a consecutive run of seasons from 1967-1975 for both the Board and Online versions. The plan is then to continue to release the next consecutive season 1976.

NEW GM FEATURES FOR ONLINE VERSION: The focus will be on adding new GM features for Private Draft Leagues to make running a league even easier for Commissioners. A new “Roster/Contract/Salary” feature will track and migrate your rosters and contracts/salaries to the next season. A new “Trade” feature will allow league members to make trade offers and have trades automatically updated on rosters without the Commissioner having to finalize the trade using the Edit Roster Commissioner tool to mover players from team to team.

The bigger long term project beyond 2022 will be a draft room that will allow for easier creation of draft lists and immediate placement of drafted players on rosters circumventing the Commissioner Edit Roster tool. The Roster/Contract/Salary and Trade features are planned first followed by the draft room. The SNBL has been using Fantrax the past few years for our live draft and it has worked well, but we’d like to continue to make things easier for Commissioners to run Private Draft Leagues. No ETA at this time, but these are the high priority features moving ahead.

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