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What’s new for DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant in 2020?

Jamie and I have been burning the midnight oil to bring you new features and play modes for DYNASTY League Baseball Online Powered By Pursue the Pennant. We know you are going to love it!

NEW! Play in Apple Mac and Windows OS in all modern browsers
In late January of 2020, the new Unity client was released replacing Silverlight allowing you to play in a brand new updated interface for Apple Mac OS in Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers in addition to Chrome, Firefox and Edge Chromium in Windows OS.  You can also play in Chromebook in Android OS.


NEW! League Play Mode options

Greatest Teams Leagues (button)
Choose your favorite Greatest Team and Pursue the Pennant in a multi-player 162 game season 12 team public league. Invite your friends and/or meet new friends in AL or NL.

Season Replay League (button)
Choose your favorite season and team and Pursue the Pennant with actual MLB schedules, opening day rosters and transactions. Play solitaire or invite friends to be in your replay league with you.

Create Private Draft League (button)
Build your DYNASTY! Commissioner Tools allow you to create your multi-player private draft league to set up league, edit rosters and build your schedule. Leagues migrate to the next season player cards automatically.


USA TODAY Fantasy Sports Editor Steve Gardner interviewed me for feature stories in USA TODAY and Sports Weekly:

Original Color Brochure for DYNASTY League Baseball simulation for Apple Mac, Windows and Board versions Now Available

DYNASTY League Baseball is the leader in realism for Baseball simulations and available in the landmark Board version as well as the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version for Apple Mac and Windows.  DYNASTY League Baseball Online allows you to play both solitaire and in multi-player tournaments and leagues.


The original color brochure is out of print, but a digital PDF version is now available for the first time that gives you an IN-DEPTH look at:



CLOSER LOOK at the simulations features and player ratings


The original color brochure digital version PDF can be viewed and downloaded in the right column under the IN-DEPTH heading at the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online site