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HR INTO CLEVELANDER! New 2012 Ball Park charts include interesting results for Marlins Park and Citi Field

If you have “taken your talents to South Beach” a la Lebron James, you are familiar with the CLEVELANDER on Ocean Dr. Well, the CLEVELANDER is also in the new baseball palace in Miami named Marlins Park as well as in the new 2012 DYNASTY League Baseball Ball Park charts. The CLEVELANDER is very reachable for Home Runs and in the game I attended vs. the Brewers, Rickie Weeks hit two Home Runs into the CLEVELANDER. It takes a Deep Drive distance hit of 375-430 feet in left field and 395- 450 in left center to reach the CLEVELANDER in the Marlins Park Ball Park charts.


What other new HR locations are there in Marlins Park? I happened to be up in the Budweiser Bow Tie bar overlooking left field in an earlier series in June that I attended and I asked the bar tender if any HR had been hit up there and he said, “Yes, Mike Stanton hit a HR off the bar counter!” Just how far is that? 435 in left field and 455 in left center on the 2012 Marlins Park Ball Park chart. It isn’t a bad place to get a souvenir either. I waved to Cardinals pitcher Sam Freeman who was shagging balls in left field and to my surprise he threw the ball to me all the way up in the Budweiser Bow Tie Bar! The ball sits proudly on my desk next to me as I write this blog. Image

There are several other special new HR locations for you to discover including the auxiliary scoreboard down the left field line (Stanton hit it early in the season and knocked out some of the lights), the right field upper deck and “The Sculpture” in center field. The only blight in the new retractable roof ball park is the grass which has had a tough time taking root and earning the park a “Poor” rating for the grass surface.

According to Matt Roebuck of the Marlins PR department, the retractable roof will be open “based on chance of rain, temperature and humidity.” For DYNASTY League Baseball, the Marlins Park roof is open if the weather rolled on the weather chart is 70’s/Clear, 70’s Partly Cloudy, 60’s/Clear and 60’s/Partly Cloudy.

David Wright hit 33 HR in Shea Stadium’s last year in 2008 and had not reached the 30 HR mark in any year at new Citi Field. Ex-Met Jeff Francoeur gave his thoughts: “Poor David hits the ball to right-center so well and there it’s an out. They’ve gotta shorten the park up. It’s huge. I’m not saying make it a bandbox like Philadelphia, but they have to do something.” Mets management responded in 2012 by creating new inner walls in left center and right center that have an 8 foot height – much lower than the old 16 foot wall in left field. Citi Field remains the same down the left and right field lines and in center field.

The new 2012 DYNASTY League Baseball Ball Park chart reflects these changes with new HR “Robbed?” results replacing some of the 2B OFF THE WALL results.

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